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Gaps in Poverty – people living at 3.10 $


72 percent of the population in low income countries lives for 3.10 $ or less a day (2013). It is the price for a burger in United States.

If we look at the percentage who lives for 1.90 $ a day, the number in low income countries is 18 percent (2013).



Gaps in Life expectancy


The gaps are narrowing but there is still a big difference in being 81 years old or only 59 years old as a average in the population.

A main reason for the smaller gaps are improvements in child mortality

The biggest gaps:

Swaziland 49 years – Japan 84 years in 2014 / in 1990: 59 (!) and 79
The decline in Swaziland primarily refers to AIDS – Swaziland is one of the most affected countries in the World.