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www.worldstat.com is an educational site that helps you to receive updated statistics for a fact-based education to ensure a greater understanding of the world without prejudices and misunderstandings.

The tables and figures are sometimes self-explanatory, but you must provide the analysis, conclusions and the sufficient critical thinking to explore the material fully. The world is changing rapidly and we have to challenge our worldviews.

The statistics are mainly based on the World Bank Databank because the World Banks Development Indicators are the official database in UN.

The data from the World Bank are generally considered to be very reliable – but it is Galloway’s a good idea to be critical. Indicators are often based on huge amounts of figures and are compiled from many sources. Mistakes happens.

Karsten Duus,
Former high school vice principal and editor in Denmark of multiple books and websites on Statistics.
Master of Arts in Geography, Social Science and Movies from the University of Copenhagen (Movies) and Roskilde University Center (Geography and Social Science)

The site originates from a website made for a The World Bank competition – under the name worldstat/wb
Malene Schmidt and Karsten Duus

Facts about World Development and inequality