Gaps in – GNI total


The Gross National Income (GNI) shows huge gaps between countries and country groups.

17 million people in Malawi makes 6 billions of GNI
United States 321 million people makes 17664 billions of GNI

But the graph shows a new important development:
In 1990 the high income countries had a 84 percent share of the Worlds total GNI
In 2015 this share was reduced to 64 percent.

The reason is that the group of middle income countries increases their economies so effectively that their share grows. Unfortunately that is not the case with the low income countries.

US alone has a GNI which is 45 times bigger than the 31 low income countries together (2015). In 1990 it was 64 times bigger – but does that provide some optimism? – no unfortunately: The population has increased so much in the low income countries that it literally has “eaten” this gap reduction, as you can see in the page concerning GNI per capita.


Facts about World Development and inequality