Gaps in Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births)


Angola and Luxembourg are the the two countries in 2015 with the highest and lowest child mortality rate (0-1 years – and alive at birth)

A mother in Angola will face a 10% probability of loosing her child before it reaches the age of one year – in Luxembourg, Norway or Japan the probability is less than 0,2%.

On top of that the probability of a dead born child is many times more likely in Angola.

Generally speaking the mortality rates for children (infants and “under 5”) are improving in all countries, but there is still big differences: 638 millions in low income countries faces a 5% probability of loosing a child before the age of 1, and 8% before the age of 5, – high income countries (1,2 billions): 0,5% and 0,6%. (All 2015)



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